Six videos to watch when you are at home and down with viral fever

The weather is changing in Kathmandu, and it’s getting unpredictable. Sometimes it get hot and humid, while there are other times in which you actually feel chilly. This is also the season in which you get that nasty cold. It gives you that debilitating body ache that forces you to stay home.

Staying home on a work day can be boring. So here we have a list of videos you could watch while you recuperate. The best think about them is they are free (yes you don’t need to torrent!)


(Comedy) Various by Saturday Night Live

Thanks to YouTube, those of us outside of the US can now be a part of the American TV tradition that is Saturday Night Live. Each week, a group of comedians parody American contemporary culture and politics in the form of various sketches, most of which are performed live in front of a studio audience.

The skits are lively, irreverent and are loaded with familiar pop culture references. Check out any video with Frank Armisen as a woman. It’s guaranteed to lighten up your mood!


(Series) Baked by ScoopWhoop

From Delhi comes a web series that follows the misadventures of a group of University students. While the premise may sound conventional, what the folks over at ScoopWhoop has done with it is something short of path-breaking, with Indian media calling the series ‘India’s best show for youth.’

Even while the show follows familiar arcs and characters, it still comes off as fresh all the while (almost) perfectly capturing the Delhi youth culture.


(Food & Travel) Vlog by Mark Wiens

From his home base in Thailand, this foodie takes you on a global culinary journey. One dish at a time, Wiens introduces the viewers the food culture of (mostly) South East Asia and other parts of the world.

As with all the other video blogs on YouTube, the videos are highly subjective. But with Mark, you don’t really mind it, especially when you see his face lighting up after every first bite.


(Culture) Profiles by Vice by VICE

It takes one look at the myriad profiles commissioned by VICE to see that the great nation of America is not short of fascinating personalities. Each flaunting their idiosyncrasies and eccentricities as if it were an exam in exercising of the democratic rights, these characters are controversial, self-assertive and fascinating just like the greatest democracy of the world is itself.


(Series) Permanent Roommates Season 1 by TVF

This romantic comedy series from India may be the best thing to cozy up to when you are low in spirit.

The series follows Mikesh, a US-returnee, trying to make a home with his girlfriend Tanya. While most episodes unfold breezily, in the pretext of a fluffy humour true to the genre, others surprises with their nuanced drama on modern relationship.

Season 2 is currently streaming in its original run.


(Spirituality) Inner Engineering by Sadhguru

Yogi and mystic Sadhguru answers life’s pressing questions like, how to live happily, in this series.

While the answers may raise more questions, the pragmatism with which Sadhguru reaches the conclusion holds enough charm for anyone listening to go on a quest to find their own answers. Sadhguru holds back the esoteric for a candid humour and generational awareness which adds more context and relevance to his discourses.


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