Siraha: Policemen suspended for stealing alcohol


Janakpurdham, May 31

The Siraha District Police Office in southeastern Nepal has suspended three policemen after they were found stealing alcohol from a local pub.

The DPO spokesperson Shaligram Sharma says assistant sub-inspector Nawal Kishor Thakur and constables Annu Kumar Raya and Naresh Kumar Raya have been suspended for further investigation as per the police rules.

During a patrol, the trio had stolen some vodka bottles from the local Puja Hotel and SK Liquor Shop at Gadhiya Chok, Lahan-23, on May 23. Some people had captured a video of the law enforcers taking away the bottles after the operator ran away seeing the police, and it was made public on social media.

As reported, the police had gone there to detain people who were making noises under the influence thereby disturbing the public.

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