Record-setting climber Phunjo Lama honoured with cash prize

Phunjo Lama

Kathmandu, June 21

Record-setting climber Phunjo Jhangmu Lama, who recently ascended Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, has been honoured with a cash prize.

In a program organised by the Nepal Ski Association on Friday in Kathmandu, Phunjo was awarded in celebration of International Olympic Day. Last month, Phunjo set the record for the fastest ascent of Mount Everest by a woman.

President of the Nepal Ski Association, Jeevan Ram Shrestha, presented Phunjo with a check for €5,000 on Friday. Phunjo achieved this remarkable feat by climbing Mount Everest in 14 hours and 31 minutes.

Previously, in 2018, Phunjo had set the record by climbing Everest in 39 hours and 6 minutes. However, in 2021, her record was broken by Tsang Yin Hung of Hong Kong, who climbed Everest in 25 hours and 50 minutes. Phunjo has now reclaimed her record.

The check for €5,000 was provided by the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) and was handed over to Phunjo by Shrestha, who is also the President of the Nepal Olympic Committee.

Before her ascent, Phunjo informed FIS about her climb, and they pledged to support her. As promised, the €5,000 was provided to Phunjo, Shrestha explained.

Phunjo carried the flags of FIS and the Nepal Ski Association to the summit of Everest. In addition to being a climber, Phunjo is also a skier and a member of the Nepal Ski Association. Phunjo described this journey as one of the most fulfilling of her career. She mentioned carrying flags representing skiing, FIS, weightlifting, and boxing to the summit.

Phunjo expressed her gratitude to the Ski Association and all supporters for their assistance. She also encouraged everyone to climb their personal ‘Everest’ in life with respect and joy every day. Ski Association President Shrestha commended Phunjo for her bravery and for inspiring the new generation by achieving this record-breaking ascent of Everest.

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