Reconstruction of Pratappur, Anantapur temples over

File: The Anantapur Temple in Swayambhu

Kathmandu, July  27

The Department of Archaeology says it has completed the post-earthquake reconstruction of Pratappur and Anantapur temples in Swayambhu Stupa premises of Kathmandu.

The temples were badly damaged in the magnitude-7.6 earthquake in 2015 April. The Department says the reconstruction has restored the Malla-era temples to their original shape and size.

Likewise, the reconstruction of Kimdol Bihar in the same place has also been over, according to the Department.

This is the third time the Pratappur Temple was reconstructed. Earlier, the temple was damaged due to a fire and another lightning incident.

Meanwhile, the reconstruction of Shantipur Temple and Aananda Kuti Bihar in Swayambhu is underway.

The Sri Lankan government has extended support to the reconstruction of Aananda Kuti Bihar in Swayambhu and Seto Machhindranath Temple in Bungamati.

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