Rachana Dahal dropped a music video for Ma Sakdina

Ma Sakdina

Kathmandu, May 20

Singer/songwriter Rachana Dahal released a music video for her latest song Ma Sakdina on YouTube on Sunday. The song also features guitarist Bijay Maximus and Trio No Treble on strings.

The music video, directed by Garima Gurung, depicts the story of a girl who is traumatized due to abuse from her family.

The guitar part of the song from 3:24 to 3:48 was composed by the late musician Suyesh Singh, with the remaining part composed by Bijay Maximus.

The music video features Nishani Bhattarai, Manju Giri, Bidhata Dahal, Rajan Bhujel, and Shishir Giri.

Watch the music video:

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