Non-resident Nepalis in the UK extending support to Nepal Covid-19 response


London, May 14

The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) UK chapter has started uniting non-resident Nepalis here to gather support for the prevention and control of the coronavirus outbreak in Nepal of late.

The NRNA UK chapter chair Punam Gurung took the initiative to have a serious discussion with the London-based Nepali Embassy, NRNA UK patron council and the Nepali-origin representatives elected in different local units. The discussion held on Wednesday was especially focused on how to channelise support to Nepal from the United Kingdom, chairperson Gurung shares.

As there are several Nepali organisations in the UK, the integration of support from all fronts would be something substantial, says NRNA UK’s general secretary Phanindra Bhattarai.

During the discussion Wednesday, Nepal’s Ambassador to the UK, Lok Darshan Regmi shared that as a representative of the Nepal government, he had already called for vaccine support from the UK government and the responses from the higher-level authorities were positive. Ambassador Regmi further said it would be effective if the UK-based Nepali community provided the most essential health appliances such as ICU equipment, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders and test kits. The embassy was ever ready to reach out the support collected by the Nepali community in the UK to the concerned places, he assured.

Also on the occasion, patron and NRNA ICC advisor Kul Acharya, NRNA UK chapters former president Dambar Ghale and immediate past president Yog Kumar Fagami called for collaboration between the embassy and the NRNA chapter to collect and channelise support to Nepal in the troubled times.

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