Nepali nationals have no other option than upholding Charter, says CPN-UML leader Khanal

Jhalanath-Khanal (1)

Biratnagar, January 13

Jhala Nath Khanal, former Prime Minister and leader of the main opposition CPN-UML, said on Friday Nepali nationals living in Nepal have no right to disown the Constitution.

Nepali nationals living in Nepal have no right to say they don’t recognise this Charter, Khanal said while talking to mediapersons in Biratnagar. The UML leader said: Whether they are from the Himalayas, the Hills or the Tarai, they have to accept this Charter, there’s no other option.

Khanal alleged: Madheshi Morcha’s threat — that it will not take part in elections — is, in fact, a plot aimed at finishing off democracy.

He said: Those, who have faith in democracy, can’t say they will not take part in polls. If they say so, it points at an extremist mindset.

Khanal said the government should conduct local level elections, not local bodies’ elections based on old structures.

He blamed the government for pushing the country towards a crisis by not announcing local level elections. Khanal pointed that the government had pushed forth the Constitution Amendment Bill instead of conducting elections. He reiterated that they will not let the Bill sail through the Parliament.

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