Nepal, India top energy officials meeting to discuss joint investment in hydropower

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Kathmandu, February 22

The joint steering committee (JSC) consisting of energy secretaries of Nepal and India is convening its meeting in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

The meeting that is taking place physically after more than two years will last for two days. Before the meeting of secretaries, joint secretaries also hold a meeting of their joint working group (JWG) that will forward its decisions to the JSC meeting.

Officials on the Nepali side say they have asked their Indian counterparts to discuss joint investment in hydropower projects in Nepal. Joint investment is also on the Indian agenda.

In particular, Nepal wants India to agree on the joint investment in an inter-country transmission line besides other hydropower projects. Likewise, it also wants the southern neighbour to be more clear on inter-country energy trade.

Observers have been looking at the meeting significantly as Nepal is expected to produce surplus energy in the monsoon from this year and it desperately needs international markets to sell it.

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