NEA exported electricity worth 12.5 billion in the past 4 months

Representational image: Electricity transmission line electricity production export electricity
Representational image: Electricity transmission line

Kathmandu, November 24

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has exported electricity worth Rs 12.5 billion in the past four months.

This, according the the NEA is Rs 4.63 billion more than what it exported to India during the same period.

Since the last fiscal year, Nepal has been selling excess electricity to India during the monsoon period. NEA says it has exported Rs 14.5 billion worth of electricity to India since May.

The Nepal Electricity Authority has been actively exporting surplus electricity to India that is saved during the rainy season, after meeting domestic demands.

Approximately 110 MW of electricity has been sold to India through competitive channels in the day-ahead market of the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), as well as under the medium-term power agreement.

Nepal is indeed exporting electricity to India through the Central Electricity Authority. The CEA of India has authorised Nepal to sell 44 MW of electricity in the real-time market. It is part of the initially approved 522 MW allocated for export to the competitive market.

Nepal’s long-term plan is to export around 10,000 MW of electricity to India.

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