NCP decision on naturalised citizenship can lead Nepal to ‘political accident’: NC MP

File: Jitendra Narayan Dev

Kathmandu, June 22

The main opposition party, Nepali Congress, lawmaker Jitendra Narayan Dev, has argued that the recent decision of the ruling Nepal Communist Party that a woman marrying a Nepali man has to wait for seven years in marriage in order to get naturalised citizenship can lead the country towards a political accident.

Backed by the ruling party, the State Affairs and Good Governance Committee in Parliament on Sunday endorsed the provision on Sunday and forwarded the bill to amend the Citizenship Act to the House of Representatives for discussion.

A day after that, Dev spoke in the National Assembly meeting and said the NCP’s decision was shortsighted and immature, and it could lead the country towards communal tensions and divisions.

“Why did you insult the Nepali Congress and other Madhes-centric parties? Is it possible to run the country this way?” he questioned, “There could be a political accident. Hence, do not break any agreement.”

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