Monsoon-related disasters kill 92 in Nepal

floods and Landslides and floods and landslides - monsoon-related disaster
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Kathmandu, October 18

Monsoon-related disasters killed 92 people in Nepal this year.

National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority said 30 people have gone missing and 168 sustained injuries in various incidents.

Spokesperson of the Authority, Dhruba Khadka, said a large number of landslides occurred this monsoon.

In a press meet organised by the Authority at Singha Durbar on Tuesday, it was disclosed that this monsoon season saw a total of 459 landslide incidents, along with 142 cases of flooding, 168 instances of heavy rainfall, and 113 reports of lightning.

The year’s monsoon withdrew from Nepal on October 15, which was 13 days later than usual. The monsoon lasted in the country for a total of 124 days.

Despite receiving less rainfall this year, numerous incidents of landslides and floods resulting from heavy precipitation occurred in various regions, causing significant destruction.

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