Man-eater tiger relocated to Bardiya from Chitwan

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Nepal nearly tripled its tiger population in 12 years. Image by Flickrfavorites via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

Chitwan, December 5

A man-eater tiger has been relocated to Bardiya due to the shortage of enclosures at the Chitwan National Park (CNP).

The Park’s Information Officer Ganesh Prasad Tiwari said that man-eaters are kept in enclosures but with all enclosures in Kasara and Sauraha full, the man-eater is being taken to Bardiya.

This tiger was captured in August after it killed a man in the Kumroj in Khairahani Municipality.

Four man-eater tigers are kept in enclosures at Kasara while two are kept in Sauraha. A female tiger of about 10 years of age has been kept at Sauraha after it attacked a person in Manahari of Makawanpur some days back.

Meanwhile, the park has been grappling with management issues due to the rising number of aggressive tigers. Each man-eater tiger in the enclosure is given five kilograms of buffalo meat within a day’s interval. The management of tigers within enclosures has become challenging for the national park due to limitations in space, human resources, and food shortages.

There are 355 tigers throughout the country, including 128 tigers in Chitwan National Park. The Park has relocated two aggressive tigers this fiscal year. A tiger was moved to Parsa National Park before this.

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