Kathmandu city yet to pay NEA Rs 1.39 billion for street lights

Kathmandu, August 30

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is yet to pay Rs 1.39 billion to the Nepal Electricity Authority for illuminating streets in the Capital.

The Authority is yet to collect Rs 3.61 billion as the charge for street lights from various municipalities.

It has been years since the KMC last paid its street light bill.

On the other hand, the Authority has not installed any metre to measure the consumption of power for street lights. The Authority assumes that the balance amount that remains after subtracting measured consumption from the total consumption is used by street lights. However, the KMC says it also includes leaked power.

Meanwhile, after learning about huge outstanding bills, the government has concluded that municipalities cannot pay them and decided to pay by itself for this time.

Small and cottage industries and private households are yet to pay Rs 500 million. Likewise, government offices have not paid Rs 309 million.

The Authority says it does not have any hope if small and cottage industries and private households pay the outstanding bills.


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