What is keeping you from committing to your workout?

Few months after I gave birth to my baby girl, I started to wonder how long it would take for me to get back in shape. I have been a fitness instructor for a while now and I know that once my body remembers the pattern of how it works, it will be easy for me to regain my stamina and structure.

Personally, keeping fit has little to do with how I look in the mirror but more about what positive changes the lifestyle brings. Throughout different eras, the concept of beauty has been highly relative to the appeal it holds in that specific period anyway. But more importantly, getting fit rejuvenates our body, the only vessel we have to take us through this life. It is the only tool to achieve psychological, social and spiritual well-being.

The general myth is that getting rid of unnecessary weight and unhealthy lifestyle is hard. The only part that is hard is to stay committed to the regime. Other than that, human body is so resilient and trainable that within a short span of time, it responds to the most difficult level of endurance. The only and the most important thing that anyone needs to bring to the table when leaning towards a fitter life is commitment.

If you are finding it difficult to commit to your workout, you may want to reconsider:


The type of workout

Until and unless you like you fitness regime, the chances of staying loyal to the same is minimal. I don’t like working out in the confinement of a gym. I am more of a dance routine/ yoga kind of a person. For me zumba, aerobics, yoga and various dance forms are ideal to stay fit while also enjoying myself.

Make sure that the type of workout you choose is compatible with your personality. Along with walking on the treadmill and lifting weights, there are many ways to get the heart rate up like kickboxing, full body workout, zumba, aerobics and other intense routines like Gladiator and Insanity. You can aslo opt for more grounded exercises like yoga or core-strengthening exercise like pilates.


Your instructor

It is vital to start training with a certified instructor, the reason simply being the effectiveness of the training as well as the correct module of instructing.

You may not be getting the desired level of results, enough to make you want to stick to your workout, due to the lack of a good instructor.


Your comfort level

I put on my workout clothes, tie my shoelaces, take my bottle of water and just venture out for an hour of stress free exercise. This is how an exercise regime should feel like.
The clothes should feel comfortable to move around in, should absorb sweat and fit your body structure. The shoes are extremely important too because the type of shoe varies according to the kind of exercise.

Shoes for zumba fitness are very rare to find in Nepal but aerobics shoes work fine. Similarly, while many dance forms like kathak, belly dancing and contemporary do not require shoes, hip hop and b-boying demands a good support. No matter which form of routine you choose, being comfortable is the key to continue the same.


The routine

Taking time aside to go to the club/studio or the gym can be hard. That extra effort to leave what you are doing whether spending time with your friends or trying to cram in that last minutes of sleep can deter you from your commitment.

But continuity is key. Train your brain to the habit for exercising. If any thought of skipping a workout slips into your brain, use your judgement and snap out of it. Remember, it’s mind over matter. It has always been.

Once you stick to the timing and are committed to continue the training even after you have reached your fitness target, you will finally reach the fitness lifestyle you have yearned to achieve.



Getting fitter happens in the gym/studio but staying fit starts after you leave. A fit lifestyle is 30% exercise and 70% diet. This has nothing to do with skipping meals. In fact, not having food on timely structure is extremely unhealthy and actually leads to putting on more weight. Our body has a memory of its own. If you do not provide it with timely nourishment, then no matter what you eat, your body will automatically decide to store it as fat.

Satisfying your palate is always tempting but prioritizing your health over temporarily satiating your taste bud takes you a step forward in your fitness commitment.

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