Locals on high alert as Karnali flood risk escalates

karnali flood

Tikapur, August 13

Karnali River has intensified erosion near Tikapur Park in Tikapur-5 of Kailali district. With this, the nearby settlement is at an alarming risk due to the swollen river.

There is a risk of inundation in wards no 5,6, 7,8 and 9 if the river demolishes the embankment near the park.

On Sunday, Sudurpaschim Province Chief Minister Kamal Bahadur Shah, Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development, Prakash Bahadur Deuba and Minister for Internal Affairs and Law, Shiba Raj Bhatta, visited the area affected by the river erosion. The chief minister promised to do his best to mitigate the risk of inundation and flood from the river.

A large score of people are likely to be affected, requiring prompt rescue and paddy crops covering a significant area are likely to be damaged if the river enters the settlement.

Bearing in mind the growing risk of flood, the Disaster Management Committee, Tikapur municipality has agreed to build a bio-embankment with the help of locals and the Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project, said project chief Kedar Kumar Shrestha.

It has been reported that lately, the river has started changing its regular course.

“Haphazard quarrying by the local levels has made the situation worse,” Shrestha said.

The Meteorological Forecasting Division earlier in its bulletin predicted heavy rains in the region starting from Saturday.

Amidst this situation, the local government has implemented a system to alert the locals through sirens and text messages.

The rain has already affected 341 households at Tikapur wards no 6 and 7

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