Humla: Kin suspect foul play as the teenager is missing ‘after inter-caste marriage’

Kathmandu, December 20

An 18-year-old boy has gone missing for the past six days after an inter-caste marriage in the Humla district of Karnali, according to local police.

Kin of the missing boy have suspected that the girl’s side abducted the boy and have urged the police for a fair investigation.

Police have received a complaint that Chandra Luwar, a man from a low-caste community, is missing since December 15, according to Karnali Provincial Police Chief Ganesh Bahadur Air.

Joshi Dhami, the deputy mayor of the Surkegad rural municipality, says Luwar had married a girl from the Malla (Thakuri Chhetri community) two months ago.

“After finding that their girl eloped with a low-caste boy, the girl’s families came to his house in Jair on December 15,” Joshi says, “The boy’s family says they also took him away beating.”

The girl’s side, however, has refused the charge of abduction. A source says police have arrested the girl and her father for further investigation.

Police official Air says the District Police Office chief DSP Herambha Sharma himself is involved in the search but to no avail.

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