Guided by grace: My journey of surrender and awakening in Kriya Yoga

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Kriya Yoga ranks among the major and deepest practices in a peaceful world. It is a significant and profound pathway that helps us connect more deeply with ourselves and the source.

This life-changing experience began in 2019 after reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda which was recommended to me by my cousin Rishi Sharma who has been practicing Kriya Yoga for many years.

This book had a strong impact on me as suggested by my cousin who is adept at Kriya yoga, thereby generating deep interest in me.

Spiritual path

I was so moved by the unwavering devotion of Yogananda towards his guru and what he teaches, it inspired me to look for similar guidance on my spiritual path.

This led me further into another invaluable book called Purana Purush, a biography of Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri by Dr Ashok Kumar Chatterjee which impacted greatly me too. These books offered much more than mere texts; they were portals leading into the heart of spiritual seeking that broadened my perception of how crucial a role a guru plays in anyone’s spiritual development.

The turning point in my journey occurred when Rishi presented me with an opportunity to receive Kriya Yoga initiation from Sri Sri Dulal Bhattacharya in Kolkata. Known among his followers as being God manifest this man was the embodiment of Kriya Principles.

The prerequisites for initiation were straightforward yet profound: self-discipline and an earnest yearning for spiritual growth. I prepared myself, fueled by a fervent wish to evolve spiritually.

Kolkata was my destination, and I was accompanied by my brother Rishi Sharma, Anand Sharma, and my best friend Rojee Khadka. It was a journey full of exciting conversations about India’s holy saints and our would-be guru. As soon as I reached Brahma Guru Dham, peace fell upon me like a wave. That is where my new spiritual journey began.

Experiencing magic

Meeting with Guru Baba and Adha Maa was nothing short of magic. When I first saw him, an avalanche of emotions flowed through me causing tears to blur my vision involuntarily. His presence was like a calm oasis in the desert with his eyes shining with wisdom exceeding the ordinary.

In our very first conversation, he talked about the mango tree we were sitting under linking it to Prana (life force) as well as the interconnectedness of life itself. His words were simple but profound while his demeanour seemed modest yet royal.

The experience of the initiation ceremony was divine. While Baba (gurudev) taught us some sacred techniques of Kriya Yoga there seemed to be an inward shift in me which subtly aligned itself with cosmic vibrations. It was not just about mastering techniques but rather being initiated into a lineage that had been followed by giant spiritual leaders for centuries now. Every breath taken came alive with centuries’ worth of wisdom and practice behind them all.

Baba Dulal Bhattacharya
Baba Dulal Bhattacharya Photo: Kanchan Ghimire

There is a saying that I often reflect on from Baba: “The journey is within.” As a practitioner, I am not an expert nor do I understand all the intricacies of this spiritual path. This journey, marked by a feeling of complete surrender to my Guru Baba, brings immense happiness, especially knowing he is there to support me through any difficulty.

With each step forward on this path feeling like surrendered more to Baba, with every breath deepening connection with the divine and every second spent in tutelage under Baba seeming like a step nearer to his unlimited love and affection.

This guru’s grace appears not as an influence that has been bestowed upon me but feels as though it were the very air which I breathe spiritually, being a holy spirit, which says that he himself will never let alone.

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Ghimire is a student currently studying in Canada.

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