DJI Mini 4 Pro launched in Nepal with improved flight performance and intelligent features

DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI

The successor of last year’s DJI Mini 3 Pro, the DJI Mini 4 Pro is official in Nepal. The Mini 3 Pro gained popularity in Nepal due to its compact and lightweight design. When comparing the DJI Mini 4 Pro and Mini 3 Pro, there are some notable differences between the two models.

The Mini 4 Pro has a better camera, with 4K HDR at 60fps instead of 30fps. It also flies better, with advanced obstacle avoidance, a longer flight time of 34 minutes, and improved control.

The Mini 4 Pro also has new intelligent flight modes that make it easier to capture great shots, like spotlight, point of interest, and ActiveTrack 360° and also comes with updated accessories.

Let us see what the drone offers.

Specifications of DJI Mini 4 Pro

Dimensions (L*W*H)Folded (without propellers): 207×100.5×91.1 mm
Unfolded (without propellers): 258.8×326×105.8 mm
Takeoff weight< 249 g
Maximum flight time34 minutes (with Intelligent Flight Battery)
45 minutes (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus)*
Maximum flight distance18 km (with Intelligent Flight Battery)

25 km (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus*)
Transmission distance20 km
Maximum speed21 m/s
Maximum ascent speed5 m/s (S Mode)
5 m/s (N Mode)
3 m/s (C Mode)
Maximum descent speed5 m/s (S Mode)
5 m/s (N Mode)
3 m/s (C Mode)
Max hovering time30 minutes (with Intelligent Flight Battery)
39 minutes (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus)*
Operating temperature-10° to 40° C
Stabilisation3-axis mechanical gimbal (tilt, roll, pan)
Camera sensor1/1.3-inch CMOS, Effective Pixels: 48 MP
ISO rangeVideo
Normal and Slow Motion:
100-6,400 (Normal)
100-1,600 (D-Log M)
100-1,600 (HLG)

100-1,2800 (Normal)

12 MP: 100-6400
48 MP: 100-3200
Shutter speed12MP Photo: 1/16000-2 s (2.5-8 s for simulated long exposure)
48MP Photo: 1/8000-2 s
Zoom range12MP Photo: 1-2x
4K: 1-3x
FHD: 1-4x
Live view quality1080p/30fps
GNSSGPS + Galileo + BeiDou
Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothVersion 5.2
SensingOmnidirectional binocular vision system, supplemented with a 3D infrared sensor at the bottom of the aircraft
BatteryIntelligent Flight Battery: 2590 mAh
Intelligent Flight Battery Plus*: 3850 mAh
Li-ion 4S
ChargingIntelligent Flight Battery:
70 minutes (with the DJI 30W USB-C Charger and the battery mounted to the aircraft)
58 minutes (with the DJI 30W USB-C Charger and the battery inserted into the Two-Way Charging Hub)

Intelligent Flight Battery Plus*:
101 minutes (with the DJI 30W USB-C Charger and the battery mounted to the aircraft)
78 minutes (with the DJI 30W USB-C Charger and the battery inserted into the Two-Way Charging Hub)
PriceDJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo: Rs 192,000

Design and build

The DJI Mini 4 Pro is a compact and lightweight drone, weighing just 249 grams. Its design closely resembles the Mini 3 Pro but with significant enhancements. The straight edges are curved which adds a subtle look and is easy to carry in hand.

Photo: DJI

A standout feature is the newly integrated omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system, allowing the Mini 4 Pro to detect and manoeuvre obstacles in all directions, boosting safety during flights in challenging environments like forests or crowded spaces. Additionally, an auxiliary LED light has been added beneath the drone, aiding in precise hovering, particularly in low-light situations.

DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI

The DJI Mini 4 Pro boasts compact dimensions, measuring 207×100.5×91.1 mm when folded without propellers. In its unfolded state, excluding the propellers, it expands to 258.8×326×105.8 mm. It is lightweight in hand and can easily be carried along with the rest of the parts like the controller, battery and charger in the carry bag.

DJI Mini 4 Pro when folded up. Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI


The DJI Mini 4 Pro delivers impressive performance. With its Intelligent Flight Battery, it can stay in the air for up to 34 minutes, and with the upgraded Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, it can extend the flight time to 45 minutes.

In terms of distance, it can fly up to 18 km with the regular battery and 25 km with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus. The transmission distance, which is how far the drone can stay connected to the remote controller called the DJI RC-N2 which is 20km.

DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI

It reaches a top speed of 21 meters per second, demonstrating its agility and responsiveness in the air. Additionally, it offers varying ascent and descent speeds across its flight modes: 5 meters per second in S Mode, 5 meters per second in N Mode, and 3 meters per second in C Mode.

The drone has good hovering capabilities, with a maximum hovering time of 30 minutes when using the Intelligent Flight Battery and an extended 39 minutes with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus. It can operate within a temperature range of -10°C to 40°C.


The DJI Mini 4 Pro is equipped with a 1/1.3-inch CMOS image sensor that delivers an effective pixel count of 48 MP, ensuring sharp and detailed photos. The lens provides a wide field of view (FOV) at 82.1° and has an aperture of f/1.7.

To adapt to different lighting conditions, the camera offers various ISO ranges. For video, it supports ISO settings from 100 to 6,400 in normal and slow-motion modes, as well as D-Log M. In night mode, the ISO range extends from 100 to 12,800. In photo mode, the ISO range for 12 MP photos is 100 to 6,400, while for 48 MP photos, it’s 100 to 3,200.

Camera of the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI

The shutter speed ranges from 1/16,000 to 2 seconds for 12 MP photos and from 1/8,000 to 2 seconds for 48 MP photos. Additionally, the camera supports simulated long exposure shots ranging from 2.5 to 8 seconds for 12 MP photos.

In terms of image and video capabilities, the DJI Mini 4 Pro can capture images with a maximum size of 8,064×6,048 pixels. The camera offers various still photography modes, including single shot at both 12 MP and 48 MP, burst shooting for 12 MP (3/5/7 frames) and 48 MP (3 frames), automatic exposure bracketing (AEB) for 12 MP (3/5/7 frames at 0.7 EV step) and 48 MP (3 frames at 0.7 EV step), and timed shots at different intervals for both 12 MP and 48 MP photos. The camera supports photo formats in both JPEG and DNG (RAW).

Camera sensor of the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI

For video, the DJI Mini 4 Pro records in H.264 and H.265 formats, offering 4K resolution at frame rates of 24/25/30/48/50/60/100 fps and Full HD (FHD) resolution at various frame rates up to 200 fps for slow-motion effects.

The max video bitrate for H.264/H.265 is 150 Mbps, and it supports the exFAT file system. The colour mode and sampling method vary, with normal mode supporting 8-bit 4:2:0 and HLG/D-Log M mode supporting 10-bit 4:2:0 for H.265.

DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI

The DJI Mini 4 Pro features a 3-axis mechanical gimbal that stabilises the camera, compensating for tilting, rolling, and panning movements during flight. It offers a wide mechanical range, allowing the camera to tilt from -135° to 80°, roll from -135° to 45°, and pan from -30° to 30°. The gimbal maintains stability with a maximum control speed for tilt at 100°/s and has an angular vibration range of ±0.01°, ensuring the camera captures steady shots even in harsh flight conditions.

Features and battery

The DJI Mini 4 Pro offers an array of intuitive features for enhanced flights and heightened safety. Equipped with omnidirectional obstacle sensing through wide-angle vision sensors and downward vision sensors, it detects and navigates obstacles from all directions.

The Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) further enhances safety by enabling automatic braking and obstacle bypass during flight. The drone’s impressive 20 km video transmission range, powered by DJI’s O4 transmission technology, ensures ultra-responsive control and smooth 1,080p/60fps FHD live feeds.

Omnidirectional sensing of DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI

Features like Waypoint Flight’s automatic route function for precise and repeatable routes, Cruise Control to reduce operator fatigue during long-distance flights, and Advanced RTH (Return to Home) that plans a safe flight route back, bypassing obstacles. The Mini 4 Pro has many ways to help get a perfect shot: Spotlight, Point of Interest, and ActiveTrack 360° with enhanced subject tracking capabilities.

The camera movement templates in MasterShots cater to various shot types, QuickShots offers stylish capture modes, Hyperlapse supports various shooting modes, and Panorama captures stunning panoramic photos. QuickTransfer facilitates rapid transfer of media to your smartphone for instant sharing.

RC-N2 controller of DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
RC-N2 controller of DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI

The DJI Mini 4 Pro is powered by a smart battery that ensures you have enough flight time for your aerial adventures. There are two types of batteries: the Intelligent Flight Battery with a capacity of 2,590 mAh, and the more powerful Intelligent Flight Battery Plus with a capacity of 3,850 mAh. These batteries use Li-ion technology and have four cells (4S).

Charging the batteries is relatively quick and convenient. With the DJI 30W USB-C Charger, it takes about 70 minutes to charge the standard Intelligent Flight Battery when mounted to the aircraft. Inserting the battery into the Two-Way Charging Hub reduces the charging time to 58 minutes. The Intelligent Flight Battery Plus takes about 101 minutes when mounted on the aircraft and 78 minutes when inserted into the Two-Way Charging Hub.

Battery and charging on DJI Mini 4 Pro. Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI

In terms of connectivity and positioning, the DJI Mini 4 Pro is equipped with GNSS (GPS, Galileo, BeiDou) for precise location tracking. It connects to Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and utilizes Bluetooth version 5.2 for communication with other devices.

The DJI Mini 4 Pro is available in the Fly More Combo option which costs Rs 192,000 in Nepal.

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