Dhanusha locals stage protest over relief distribution

Locals of Janak Nandini rural municipality stage a protest, in Dhanusha, on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

Janakpurdham, April 18

Some locals of Janak Nandini rural municipality in Dhanusha district, near Janakpurdham, on Saturday afternoon staged a demonstration, claiming the local authority distributed relief materials meant to support the underprivileged during the lockdown to others.

The locals of Mahuwa, ward 3 of the local government, claimed the ward committee distributed the materials to the privileged instead.

The irate locals came in front of the ward office and chanted slogans against the officials.

One of the protestors Anil Paswan says the locals resorted to the protest after they saw names of the rich in the neighbourhood on the list of beneficiaries prepared by the ward.

The ward chair Bisun Dev Sah, however, says the list was prepared in the consensus of all the political parties active there.

Following the protest, the ward committee has postponed the distribution.

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