Arghakhanchi leaders dissatisfied with gazette mentioning ‘Deukhuri’ as Lumbini capital

Butwal, October 8

Leaders of Arghakhanchi district in the newly named Lumbini province have expressed their dissatisfaction with the mention of ‘Rapti valley (Deukhuri)’ as the capital of the province.

They argue the Provincial Assembly had endorsed a proposal that the capital would be established in the area including Rapti and Gadhawa rural municipalities of Dang and Shitaganga municipality of Arghakhanchi, but the gazette only mentioned ‘Rapti valley (Deukhuri)’ as the capital.

“There should not have been any change. The gazette should have published the exact place that the assembly endorsed,” a lawmaker representing Arghakhanchi, Ramji Prasad Ghimire, says, “This is objectionable. I am talking to the government officials today.”

Likewise, Shitaganga Mayor Surya Prasad Adhikari says he has not understood why the gazette did not publish the name as endorsed by the assembly.

Further, locals of Gadhawa and Rapti rural municipalities have also suspected that it could be an attempt to shift the capital towards Lamahi.

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