22 still missing in Sankhuwasabha following Hewa Khola flood

Hewa-khola-pachthar-monsoon-flood Hewa Khola flood
A flood in Hewa Khola has swept away multiple bridges obstructing the Mechi Highway.

Sankhuwasabha, June 19

Twenty-two people are still missing in Sakhuwasabha after getting swept by the Hewa Khola flood on Saturday.

Santosh Rai, 26, of Panchkhapan-9 was reported dead after being swept away by the floods on June 17.

Among the individuals reported missing, the District Police Office in Sakhuwasabha has confirmed that seventeen of them were workers of the under-construction Super Hewakhola Hydropower Project in Chainpur-4.

Those missing people have been identified as Santosh Dhakal, the supervisor of the Hydropower, Bhuwan Singh Tamang, Subas Rai, Phaij Bahadur Karki, Ganesh Giri, Raj Kumar Magar, Meena Shrestha, Ram Jatan Tharu, Rahul Tharu and Rohit Tharu.

Tikaram Chaudhary and Deepak Raj Tharu of the Super Hewakhola Hydropower project, sustained severe injuries and are being treated at Helping Hand Hospital at Chainpur.

Also missing in the disaster are Kali Ram Tharu, Rajram Tharu, Sugat Tharu, Amar Tharu, Sita Tharu, Deepak Magar, Ganesh Rai and Sanchamaya Rai.

Ganesh and Sanchamaya were swept away while constructing a cowshed at Sunamla.

Likewise, Bhim Chaudhary of Bardiya Municipality and 50-year-old Gyan Bahadur Limbu of Chainpur Municipality-4 have gone missing at Nundhaki of Chainpur municipality-1.

The Hewa Khola flood caused a huge loss of lives and properties.

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