10 held with parcels containing cannabis and heroin brought from USA

cannabis and heroin

Kathmandu, September 17

Ten people have been arrested along with cannabis and heroin smuggled in from the United States of America (USA). The drugs arrived in Nepal via the postal service.

The Narcotics Drugs Control Bureau in Kathmandu informed that six individuals involved in the delivery of cannabis, and four individuals in the distribution of heroin brought from the USA, were arrested following a tip-off.

The bureau’s SP Chakra Raj Joshi informed that the police have launched an investigation against them in accordance with the Narcotic Drugs (Control) Act, 1976.

Joshi stated that they were apprehended when cannabis was discovered inside the parcels they were delivering.

As per the police report, a package sent via post from the USA destined for Birgunj, via the General Post Office in Dillibazar, was subjected to examination due to suspicions. During the inspection, 900 grams of brown sugar were seized. In connection with this incident, Dalluram and Habib Miya from Birgunj were arrested when a controlled delivery operation was conducted to identify the recipient of the parcel.

Similarly, another package sent from the USA intended for pickup at the District Post Office in Pokhara via the Dillibazar post office, was examined. Inside, 1,400 grams of cannabis were discovered, according to the bureau. In connection with this incident, a 24-year-old Indian national named Ajin Vergese, who had arrived to collect the cannabis, was arrested directly from the post office. Additionally, an additional 720 grams of cannabis were seized from his rented room.

Police have also arrested Renuka Tamang of Dadeldhura who went to collect the cannabis that had arrived via post. Based on her statement, Indian nationals Arun Kumar and Mohammad Naeem, who sent her to collect the contraband, have also been arrested. Nine hundred and thirty-nine grams of cannabis have been confiscated from them.

The bureau informed the media that it has also apprehended Hikmat Hamal of Kanchanpur, Sanjaya Nepali of Dang, Binod Bhattarai of Morang and an Indian citizen Lal Miya currently residing in Jhapa in possession of brown sugar. More than 268 grams of brown sugar have been seized from their possession.

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