Avash Ghimire is a freelance writer based in Kathmandu. He writes about entrepreneurship.

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Sisan Baniya: How this Nepali YouTube sensation is using the new medium

When Sisan Baniya was growing up in Kathmandu, the camera was not something he wanted to be close to. “I would relate my childhood experience with that of the protagonist in the move Tare Zameen Par,” says Baniya. The kid in the movie was at least a talented artist, but he had ‘no talent at all’, he […]

Nepali Roadies: Here’s the director’s cut

They say Nepali TV industry has already entered into a declining phase. Creative juices are not flowing, not just in the context of fresh content, but presentation has also yet to improve. Meanwhile, YouTube is slowly taking over the role TV played until the last few years. Unlike watching a show on the idiot box, YouTube […]

This startup will hear your call when you get hungry at midnight

Imagine you are on a night out with friends or back home partying and it’s 2-3 am. Suddenly, you feel hungry. You scour the fridge but don’t find anything. What would you do in such situations? The first thing on your mind would be to order some food. Right? But can you get food, let […]

Shoe Laundry: Transforming small idea into a profitable business

This story is about a marketer working for a reputed paint company, a science student, and an Australia-returned; the only thing that was common between them: the desire to start something of their own. Karma Dorje Shrepa (KD), Surendra Maharjan and Subas Kiran Chaudhary brainstormed for days on a business idea they could execute. “First we thought […]

How a night of partying paved way for a successful business venture

Prarthana (second from left, bottom row) and Sajal (third from left, bottom row) with team Helmets Nepal. What would you do if you lost your helmet? Most would probably go to one of the various shops dotted around the Teku road that sell auto accessories. But Sajal Joshi and Prarthana Saakha had a different idea. After […]

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