RJPN renews demand for constitution amendment

File: Mahantha Thakur

Kathmandu, February 28

The Madhesh-centric Rastriya Janata Party Nepal has demanded that the government immediately take initiatives for the constitution amendment.

Whereas the ruling left alliance has expedited talks with another Madhesh-centric party, Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, about its participation in the government, the Mahantha Thakur-led party demanded that the government immediately create an environment for the amendment.

The RJPN argues that the amendment is a must to address demands raised by Madheshis, Tharus, Janajatis, marginalised groups, Muslims and Dalits.

The party has accused the government of not being serious about the issue.

Likewise, the party demanded that the government withdraw cases filed against its cadres and release cadres arrested during different protests.


Published on February 28th, Wednesday, 2018 4:33 PM

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