Yes, we couldn’t play well, concedes Paras Khadka

Nepal cricket team captain Paras Khadka

Kathmandu, September 7

Nepal national cricket team’s captain Paras Khadka has admitted that his team could not perform as good as expected during the recent Asia Cup Qualifier.

As the team returned home from Malaysia today after winning two and losing three games, Khadka said he along with senior members of the team would take responsibility for the undeserving performance.

“Personally, I also could not perform well as a captain and a player. Neither could the team do well,” he told journalists at the Tribhuvan International Airport, “But, we do not want blame anyone. We cannot expect good results from bad games.”

“If we [the senior members] had played well, the young players would face less pressure. They are really good players,” he conceded, “We did try, but could not make it.”

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