Neupane is the Chief Executive Officer of NIC Asia Bank Limited.

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Withstanding Covid-19: A philosophical standpoint (Part 2)

(Read the Part 1.) Ten most powerful weapons to effectively manage the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic are the following: Preparedness The first and the most powerful weapon to defeat the pandemic is preparedness. The more prepared we are, the more able we will become to defeat the crisis. Preparedness has the following five core dimensions: Mental […]

Withstanding Covid-19: A philosophical standpoint

Nowadays, everybody appears to be so stuck, worried, and engaged in talking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening about Covid-19 and that alone. The psychological irony of any prolonged adverse development of any sort is that the loss of confidence, trust, positivity, calmness, and rational thinking becomes much more severe and significant than the actual loss […]

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  • Min Raj Gyawali says: | April 09 2020 7:41pm

    A very positive and analytical outlook on the current issue


  • Arjun Shrestha says: | April 09 2020 10:11am

    Soothing and inspiring to combat the situatuion at this moment.thank u very much.hope similar column in future


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