Devkota is a psychology and social work graduate. She currently works as a gerontologist.

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Nepal lockdown: Bigger challenge of saving new mothers and their children

If it was another time, expectant mothers would feel happy while waiting for their babies. However, the expectant mothers these days face the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), and subsequent fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. The situation is clouding their excitement. Restricted movement, lack of necessary supplements, bodily changes, mood fluctuations, limited access to healthcare […]

Covid-19 pandemic may increase risk of malnutrition in children of Nepal

Malnutrition in children of Nepal has now become an elephant in the room due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The United Nations child rights agency, Unicef, has warned that 4,000 children could die in Nepal in the next six months as the pandemic has crippled the healthcare system. A hunger crisis could overtake Nepal if the […]

Covid-19 outbreak and fear of increasing school dropout rate in Nepal

When I asked Sita, on a normal day, why she had stopped coming to school, she said, “I am now working in my house every morning and evening, and in the afternoons I carry composts in my neighbourhood, from where I earn decent money like other girls in the community.” This is the reality of […]

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