8 tips for aspiring musicians in Nepal

aspiring musicians in Nepal
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To become a successful musician one needs to go through various challenges. In this fast competitive world, the number of musicians is mushrooming day by day, and to stand out among them, there is a lot that aspiring musicians in Nepal need to do.

Hard work and passion are a given, but that will not cut it as there it takes a lot more to make it in the world of music. According to industry professionals, aspiring musicians should adopt a creative mindset, think outside the box and cultivate a strong network to advance their careers and reach new heights in the field.

So if you are someone who is an aspiring musician wanting to be successful, these are the steps you should follow:

1. Learn in person 

Along with providing courses on vocals and various musical instruments, it also offers classes in lyric writing, composition, arrangement, live instruments, recording and video. 
Learning in person is great for aspiring musicians.

These days there are plenty of virtual platforms to learn music. These platforms have become effective for many music students. However, they have some challenges that make the in-person music classes relatively better. 

In virtual classes, it can be difficult to discern musical tone, volume, rhythm, and phrasing without high-level audio equipment. Likewise, it will also be hard for teachers to see techniques and explain technical concepts. So, to overcome these things, it is advised that aspiring musicians go to a teacher in person and learn the instrument they want to get better at.

2. Explore  

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Explore different kinds of music regardless of genre, language and sound. Aspiring musicians should not limit themselves to a specific musical idea. The internet and the advancement of technology has made it easier to find various kinds of music. Exploring the different natures of songs helps you to build perspective about the diverse side of the music. 

3. Friend circle  

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Try to be around friends who are music enthusiasts or musicians. By holding a conversation with those friends, you can share each other’s ideas about music. They could recommend some songs that you have never listened to. And those friends can also be the best critic of your original sound and ideas. This can broaden an aspiring musician’s horizon.   

4. Experiment 

aspiring musician
Aspiring musicians need to experiment as mush as they can. Photo: Pexels

Experiment as much as you can. If you are into creating originals, you should not be afraid of experimenting with different sounds, tones, chords and other elements of the music. Without experimenting, you risk becoming stagnant, confined to repetitive routines instead of exploring new creative avenues.

5. Read  

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Reading is one of the most important activities that aspiring musicians should do. Read whatever you like whether it be poems, novels, stories, articles and others. Doing so could provide you with new ideas from whom you can get inspiration. 

Reading is particularly beneficial when it comes to lyric writing and discovering new concepts that can be incorporated into songs. It also exposes you to various writing styles, vocabulary, and literary techniques. This exposure enhances your own writing skills and helps you develop a more nuanced approach to crafting lyrics.

By reading books, poetry, articles, or even song lyrics from other artists, you gain insights into different narrative structures, themes and wordplay that can inspire your own creative process.

6. Attend live shows  

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Attend as many live shows as you can. These shows will not just introduce you to the artist but will also provide valuable insights into the music preferences of the audience.

Furthermore, observing the audience’s reactions and interactions during the live show can give you insights into the wider music community. You will be exposed to different types of music lovers and their unique tastes, allowing you to expand your own musical horizons.

7. Travel 

Almost every place has its local music, which might not be available even on the internet. So if you travel, you can get to know about those kinds of music. Listening to that local music will surely expand your horizon of music. 

By embracing these musical treasures, you can expand your musical palette and discover unique rhythms, instruments, vocal styles and lyrical themes that may be entirely new to you.

8. Patience  

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Patience is the most important key to becoming a successful musician. Sometimes, a single song can make a musician popular overnight. But this rarely happens. 

Most of the time, it takes years of practice, dedication, continuity and learnings, for an artist to get into notice. They should not expect to become popular or successful overnight. 

A plethora of challenges—financial and social, can come amid your musical career and to overcome them you must have enough patience. 

The process of becoming a successful musician is often marked by gradual progression, as artists refine their abilities, and cultivate their distinct artistic voice along with a loyal following.

It’s crucial to recognise that achievement in music is the result of continuous dedication, unwavering creativity, and the capacity to adapt to the industry’s dynamic nature.

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