The ultimate guide to choosing your own drinking adventure

No one ever said you need an excuse to drink but with the temperature dipping every passing day, you have another reason to reach to your bar or head out for a drink. Sure, rum with honey will warm you up so will a peg of scotch. But there are plenty of options, one for every excuse and occasion. We give you an almost scientific guide to finding your drink plan, if you already don’t have one, that is.

bottles-glass-drinking-wine-water-thirst-signWho do you prefer to drink with?

You like the company of others, but you are in your element only when you are all by yourself. And you prefer that. By doing this, you effectively cut out the din of the bar and hold all control over the peripherals; you choose the music, you choose when to speak and when not to. More importantly, you choose whatever foolery you wish to catharticise with your inebriation.

You believe that alcohol is a social lubrication; a magic elixir which can bring people closer. For you, more important than the drink is the conversation to go along with it.

Where do you mostly drink at?

Like an animal at home in their natural habitat, you let loose at your home.

Out in town
The energy downtown is just the boost you need. You like to be around other merrymakers whose zeal for the good times is palpable and infectious.

Mostly while traveling
You prefer to soak in the vibes of a new place with a drink in hand more so if the drink is a local variety made popular by that place. You believe that this drink is more of a ticket to the place’s culture.

Do you own a bar?

You already have a selection of your choice of alcohol at home. Whether it is rum with its sweet note at the end, or the luxuriously smooth scotch, your bar is your own little trophy, stocked for an acquired taste.

No. I usually go out to buy my drinks
Your affinity for booze is not dampened by the stock of your alcohol. Buying the booze every time gives you more flexibility and control over the drinks.

How long does it take for you to finish a drink?

I can finish my entire drinking ritual in less than 20 minutes.

I take my time.

We suggest you

Head out for a drink

Go out for a short trek and the try ‘jwaikhatte’ at the end of the lung-busting trek. Local raksi poured over silling rice grains fried in ghee, this tasty concoction might provide you with an unlikely motivation to get out to nearby places like Kalinchok and Nagarjun.

If you want to get out of Kathmandu all together, go to the popular Annapurna and Everest circuit trek and try Mustang Coffee; a drink made with local raksi mixed with hot caramel and coffee. Or try apple whiskey at Marpha.

For those short on time, go to Patan, Bhaktapur or Kirtipur for a bowl of fiery aila. Indradevi strawberry farm at Kakani brews and sells sweet strawberry wine for visitors.


Go out tonight

Kathmandu has seen a massive growth in eateries and bars over the years providing people with enough options to pick their own favorite spots. If you were holding yourself thinking only Thamel and Jhamiskhel, with the usual crowd of backpackers and expats (respectively), are the only places to hang out, then you are missing out on a lot. Go out and find your own favorite. Look for places to try out below.


Yo have an acquired taste

You know the difference between scotch and whiskey and what food goes with what drink. What more can we tell you other than asking you to, maybe, invite us over for a drink.


Go to these top spots

Go to Purple Haze at Thamel. This establishment was long overdue to come to Nepal filling in the void the city had for good live music bar like Hard Rock cafe and India’s Blue Frog.  There’s usually a good band playing every weekend which is always an good excuse to drink.

The newly-opened Victory lounge in Durbar Marg could be a more safe option for those who do not wish to experience Thamel’s oftentimes unruly air. Regardless, both these places stock a selection of top booze.


Try out these solo bars

Manny’s bar is cozy enough for an intimate feel even if you drinking alone. A bonus is the Spanish tapas, an assortment of bite size snacks, they sell. Alternately, you can head out to the food court at City Centre, Kamalpokhari or Civil Mall, Sundhara. These food courts may not stock top selection but are a good excuse for a quick drink. Both these places offer a stunning panorama of the city.

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