Now onwards, seniority is the only basis for Nepali security personnel to work in UN missions

Kathmandu, September 13

Following Nepal Army and Armed Police Force, Nepal Police has also decided to adopt seniority as the only basis for a staffer’s selection to participate in a UN peacekeeping mission.

With this, no one can use money or their nexus with high-profile officials to get an opportunity to work in the missions that many personnel find lucrative.

Now, the selection procedure is expected to be more objective, well-managed, and transparent, Nepal Police spokesperson SSP Kuber Kadayat hopes.

Nepal Police UN Section chief SSP Birendra Basyal says the Ministry of Home Affairs recently approved UN Formed Police Unit Selection Criteria that proposes seniority as the sole basis. Now, any staffer can guess when s/he gets an opportunity to participate in the mission.

Whereas Armed Police Force was using seniority as the sole basis for the past few years, Nepal Army had also adopted the model last year.

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