10 Nepali novels for beginners that will help explore Nepali society

Nepali novels offer insights into Nepali society, giving readers a unique perspective to perceive things deeply. They have the power to teach and evoke emotions that were previously unexplored.

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Many people in today’s society struggle with the Nepali language. Schools and colleges making English mandatory have made everyone’s Nepali weak. This has meant a lot of young boys and girls and even adults have missed out on some great Nepali novels written over the last few decades.

These Nepali novels offer insights into Nepali society, giving readers a unique perspective to perceive things deeply. They have the power to teach and evoke emotions that were previously unexplored. However, reading these can be difficult if you do not have a proper grasp of the Nepali language.

If you want to start reading Nepali you should stay away from complex books. Yes, reading is important to get better but if you are trying to develop the habit of reading Nepali, you must read a Nepali novel that is simple and relatable. Books that are complex to read can discourage your effort to develop the habit of reading books as it could take you a long time to understand them.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of 10 Nepali novels suitable for beginners, aiming to cultivate reading habits while improving their Nepali vocabulary.

Palpasa Cafe 

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Authored by Narayan Wagle, Palpasa Café revolves around the story of an artist, Drishya, amidst the Nepali Civil War. This Nepali novel is partly a love story of Drishya and Palpasa, who has returned to the land of her parents after the terrorist attack in the US on September 11, 2001. The novel is often known as an anti-war novel and exhibits the effects of the civil war on the Nepali countryside that Drishya travels to.


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Modiaain by BP Koirala is a captivating tale set in the era of Mahabharata, where the protagonist, a grocer’s wife, shares the epic narrative with a child, offering a unique and insightful woman’s perspective on the timeless tale. This Nepali novel portrays the story of a woman who tragically loses her husband during the war, reflecting the experiences of many women who faced similar heartbreaking losses.

Summer love 

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Summer Love, released in 2013, is Subin Bhattarai’s debut novel. The plot of the book depicts the story of a college student of the Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES) at Tribhuvan University falling in love. 

With over 20,000 copies sold, this Nepali novel became a best-selling book in Nepal and ranked among the top sellers for the year. Additionally, the novel is available in both English and Nepali, catering to a diverse readership.

Seto Dharti 

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Seto Dharti, authored by Amar Nyaupane is a Madan Puraskar-winning Nepali novel. The book depicts the story of Tara who got married at the age of seven and became a widow at the age of nine. At her adult age, she leaves her father’s house as she gets abused by her stepmother and moves to Devghat, a religious place for Hindus. 

The novel shows the bitter reality of Nepali society where women have to suffer extremely before the eradication of many evil practices, such as child marriage. 


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Loo by Nayanraj Pandey depicts the lifestyle of the people of the Tarai and revolves around the issues such as poverty, discrimination and torture. The plot of this Nepali novel is based on the Tarai, the southern plain of Nepal near the Indian border. The novel is basically about the subalterns who are being excluded by the mainstream political force.

Karnali Blues

Karnali Blues, written by Buddhi Sagar expresses the struggle of a lower middle-class father in the Far Western Region of Nepal from the lens of his son. This Nepali novel has a  great presentation as it can move the readers along with the characters in the story.

The novel predominantly unfolds through flashbacks, beautifully portraying the evolving perception of the son towards his father. Karnali is also available in both English and Nepali. The English translation done by Michael Hutt was launched in 2021.   

Kattel Sir Ko Chotpatak

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Kattel Sir Ko Chotpatak, authored by Dhruba Chandra Gautam, depicts the story of a professor struggling with poverty and corruption in society. 

In the novel set in the 1980s, an upright professor faces the daunting task of upholding his moral principles in the face of poverty and corruption. This Nepali novel’s compelling story was later adapted into the popular 1984 movie ‘Basudev,’ featuring acclaimed actors Neer Shah and Harihar Sharma.


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Chhail means shadow in the Doteli language, a local language of Doti, Sudharpaschim province. The novel has illuminated the culture, lifestyle and dignity of ancestors.  

The novel depicts the story of Jitu who went through a lot of struggle in the city and later returned to the village to join the university. The relationship between father and son is beautifully portrayed in the novel. This Nepali novel, written by Lok Raj Bhatta, includes untold stories of many fathers.


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Even though non-fiction, Bhuiyan, penned by Yangesh, depicts the stories of marginalised communities in the Tarai. Besides the story of suffering, the book comprises the struggle of people against the remnants of the feudal system that continue to afflict numerous communities in the region. 


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Chuli, written by Saru Bhakta, is a lively account of the courage to accept the challenge of climbing mountains. The interesting experience of an Everest climber has been beautifully featured in the book.  The book not merely tells about the beauty of Everest but also exposes the risk, accidents and deaths that transpire on Everest. 

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