Nepal is self-sufficient in certain animal products: Govt

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Agriculture Minister Padma Kumari Aryal during a function in Kathmandu, on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

Kathmandu, March 25

The government has declared that Nepal is now self-sufficient in animal products.

Organising a special function in Kathmandu on Thursday, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli announced that Nepal is now self-sufficient in milk powder, butter, eggs, and meat products.

Agriculture and Livestock Secretary Dr Prem Narayan Kandel said the declaration was made as per the standards set by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

For example, as per the standard, a country that has 48 eggs and 14 kg meat for a citizen for a year is self-sufficient in eggs and meat respectively. Nepal has already produced 55 eggs and 18 kg of meat for a person.

However, Nepal is yet to meet standards in terms of milk and fish among other animal products.

Speaking in the event, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Padma Kumari Aryal said the government would make efforts to make the country self-sufficient in other categories also soon.

She claimed the country would be ready to export some animal products in the next five years.

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