More power to be imported from India as LED purchase pushed into limbo

Kathmandu, July 11

The Nepal Electricity Authority has decided to import more electricity from India after its plan to purchase 20 million LED bulbs in order to decrease the electricity use has been pushed into uncertainty for now.

The NEA leadership has decided not to import the LED bulbs now as a case about the deal is currently sub-judice at the Supreme Court.

Therefore, it has to import more power from the southern neighbour in order to avoid load shedding in upcoming winter.

The power monopoly, however, says it has sufficient electricity for the rainy season as the water level has gone up in most of the rivers.

Currently, 250 megawatt electricity is being imported from India. It is 75 megawatt less than the average import during the same season last year.

But, it will not be sufficient to manage the demand after October. Around 250 megawatt more power is needed to meet the need.

NEA spokesperson Prabal Adhikari says the Chameliya Hydropower Project will begin generating 30 megawatt power from early October and it will also give some relief to the NEA.

On the other hand, private projects are expected to generate 250 megawatt power by this time. But, most of these projects are run-off-the-river, meaning they will not produce much power during the winter season.

As the private power producers fail to contribute to the national transmission line, the NEA does not have any option than to import power from India.




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