Reviving monarchy in Nepal is now impossible: Kamal Thapa

File: Kamal Thapa
File: Kamal Thapa

Parsa, March 28

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal’s Chair Kamal Thapa has insisted that there is no possibility of reviving the monarchy in Nepal now.

Addressing a press conference organised by RPP Nepal in Birgunj today, Thapa said the political change over the last 15 years and the former king’s vile thinking towards the political parties have negated any prospects for the reinstatement of the monarchy in Nepal.

Since his failure in the Rastriya Prajatantra Party’s general convention to become the chairman again in December 2021, Thapa, one of the most outspoken royalists of recent times, had been accusing former king Gyanendra Shah of launching a conspiracy to defeat him. Ultimately, he had left the party to reestablish the dormant group.

The RPP Nepal chairman today said, “Although it is the political parties and the people of Nepal who revive the monarchy, there is no such possibility as the former king has been expressing his views only spread revulsion towards the parties.”

According to him, he had to take a new course because the former king and his secretariat interfered in the RPP, the only party advocating for the reinstatement of the monarchy.

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