MCC deal endorsement only after consensus among parties: Foreign affairs minister

File: Narayan Khadka
File: Narayan Khadka

Udayapur, October 25

Minister for Foreign Affairs Narayan Khadka has said that the MCC deal signed with the United States government in 2018 could be passed only after forging a consensus among political parties.

Nepali politicians and society are virtually divided about the deal as many people argue the deal has some provisions against the national sovereignty and national interests whereas many others think it is a great help for the country’s development. Read more about the long-standing dispute about the MCC deal.

“There is a need to endorse the project that is much complicated and has attracted more attention of the incumbent government. But, there is no possibility of passing the project without a consensus among political parties. So there is a need to hold consultations among political parties,” he said at a press conference organised here today by the Nepal Press Union, Udayapur.

The government will organise a discussion on the matter within the coalition partners and the main opposition CPN-UML to get the project endorsed, he said.

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