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Broadsheet dailies (both in Nepali and English) published in Kathmandu on Sunday, April 10, 2016, have carried a wide range of stories on their front pages. The tussle between the ruling party, UML, and the opposition, Congress, over when to convene Parliament, UML’s ongoing central committee meeting, and Madeshi parties’ preparations for a fresh agitation have received considerable space.


NC-UML tussle over Parliament session

The Himalayan Times has a five-column report on Nepali Congress’ reaction to delay in commencement of the House session. The report (“Govt afraid of calling House session: NC“) quotes Congress leader Bimalendra Nidhi as saying the NC “will watch for a few days and hope the government calls the session at the earliest.” The Congress leader has said that if the government does not call the session, the party will appeal to the Speaker. NC says it wants Parliament to convene to find solutions to many problems, including those related to delineation of federal boundaries.

CPN-UML’S  Chief Whip Bhanubhakta Dhakal is quoted in the same report as saying that the government was still in consultation with regard to calling the session, and it is yet to decide. “The issue of calling of the House session has been delayed because of the non-cooperation shown by the Nepali Congress in finalising parliamentary regulations,” he is quoted as saying.

UML Central Committee meeting

Naya Patrika, Nagarik, and Gorkhapatra have given space to reports on the ongoing meeting of the ruling party’s central committee. The meeting is important because this is the first time Prime Minister KP Oli is facing the committee after being elected Prime Minister six months ago. Naya Patrika in its double-column story (below the fold) has a headline that says UML leaders have objected to party Chairman KP Oli’s decision to hold the meeting at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar. Nagarik in its three-column lead story on the event says since UML decided to expand its central committee during its ninth convention, the party has had to change the way discussions are carried out. The report says that for the first time in its history, the party is going to discuss the Chairman’s political report in groups. Gorkhapatra, meanwhile, says PM Oli stressed on party’s unity in his political report.  

Madheshi parties’ preparations for fresh agitation

Gorkphatra and Naya Patrika have reports on their front pages on the Madheshi Morcha’s preparations for fresh agitation in the Terai. While the state-run paper (in its two-column story) highlights a statement from a Morcha leader (Upendra Yadav) that the agitation will be peaceful. Naya Patrika’s lead story for the day is a reminder on the Madheshi Morcha’s ultimatum to the government, which expires on Tuesday.    


Focus on domestic tourism in the Nepali New Year 

Abhiyan has a three-column story on its front page on government preparations to observe the New Year as Year of Domestic Tourism. The report quotes an official from the tourism ministry to say that the government decided to promote domestic tourism to help in reviving the tourism industry, which received a setback following last year’s quake. NTB CEO Deepak Raj Joshi told the paper that he believes that Nepalis now have the money to go around the country, and this needs to be tapped to support the tourism industry.

Fires in Sunsari, Saptari and Sindhuli

Annapurna Post has given considerable attention to fire in Sindhuli, which, according to the newspaper has gutted 58 huts and cattle sheds in Bhuwaneswari village so far. Similarly, Gorkhapatra reports of fires Sunsar and Saptari. According to the report, three fires were reported in Sunsari, one of them was in a Muslim settlement in Bhokraha. Properties worth millions of rupees have been gutted in the fires.


Icefall doctors complete route to Camp II

The Himalayan Times, and Gorkhapatra have anchor stories on preparations for this year’s Everest expeditions. According to THT, icefall doctors have completed the construction of a climbing route up to Camp II. “At least 279 mountaineers from 38 countries can now attempt to climb the world’s highest peak this spring season,” the report says. According to the report, eight icefall doctors had been mobilised to build a climbing path more than a month ago. Gorkhapatra reports that the icefall doctors were challenged by the changes on the mountain following last year’s quake.   

Bagmati getting a face-lift 

Nagarik has a box story on its front page on the government’s preparations to give the Bagmati a face-lift. According to the report, the government has set aside Rs 3.5 billion, and mobilsed three government agencies for the project. The report says the government is going to build two dams in Sundarijal to help increase water flow in the river. The plan is to complete everything by 2021, the report says.

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