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Kathmandu, August 3

Skilled IT professionals offering IT outsourcing services from Nepal are bringing in around Rs 2 million annually.

A study conducted by the Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS) showed that skilled IT freelancers export services worth USD 15,322 on average annually.

Unlike in some other countries where the government actively promotes the information technology sector through policy measures, Nepal’s IT companies and professionals are forging ahead in the field of information technology services without substantial government support, say experts.

The study showed that in 2022 alone, information technology services worth about Rs 68 billion were exported. The study concludes that the information technology sector accounts for 1.4 per cent of Nepal’s gross domestic product and 5 per cent of total foreign exchange earnings.

Those who work in the field of information technology are making a significant contribution to bringing foreign currency into the country.

IIDS consultant Amrita Sharma says, “More than 6,000 companies providing information technology services have been registered in Nepal. More than 700 companies are currently exporting services.”

According to the study, the number of IT professionals working in companies and independently in 2022 is 66,509.

Among them, 7,212 are working in clerical data entry, 7,355 in creative and multimedia, 267 in professional services, 3,326 in sales and marketing support, 14,728 in software and development and 5,668 in writing and translation in the digital platform.

The entry-level IT personnel working in Nepal earns USD 2,810 annually, the middle-level IT workers earn USD 6,395 and the skilled personnel at the higher level earn an average of USD 15,322, IIDS consultant Sharma says.

Sharma also says that freelancers earn an average of USD 4,723 annually.

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