Chitwan police recorded 782 domestic violence cases in 3.5 years, but none reached court

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Representational image: File: As gender-based violence is prevalent in Nepal, feminism can be understood to fight against it.

Chitwan, January 28

The Chitwan District Police Office recorded 782 cases of domestic violence in the past three and a half years. However, none of them reached the court for its judicial settlement.

The DPO says all the cases were settled in an agreement between the complainants and the alleged perpetrators.

In the first six months of the ongoing fiscal year, the DPO recorded 48 cases of domestic violence, informs its spokesperson DSP Surya Bahadur Thapa. Of them, 17 were related to deprivation of food, 18 related to physical assault, and 13 related to slander and defamation.

In the past three years, the numbers of total complaints were 315, 335, and 84 respectively, according to him.

Police claim they encourage agreements instead of judicial proceeding so as to keep peace in the family and society. Therefore, they have been keeping the complaints on hold for one month without any proceeding, by when most cases are already settled.

The remaining cases would be forwarded to the court, which again makes efforts to forge agreements.

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