6 restaurants for delicious thukpa in Kathmandu

File: Dry buffalo thukpa in Kathmandu
File: Dry buffalo thukpa in Kathmandu

Kathmandu gets cold and windy in the winter. In this kind of weather, most of you would not be able to say no to hot tangy noodles with soothing soup. And, thukpa, a soupy noodle dish, is one of the popular cravings among Nepalis during the winter months.

Realising that thukpa in Kathmandu is getting popular, we have listed six best junctions for all thukpa enthusiasts in Kathmandu.

1. Little Tibetan Restaurant, Thamel


The Little Tibetan Restaurant in Thamel is very popular for thukpa in Kathmandu. Buffalo, chicken and vegetarian thukpa are served at this restaurant with homemade noodles and special soup to make the thukpa spicy.

At Little Tibetan, buffalo thukpa costs Rs 250, chicken thukpa costs Rs 250 and veg thukpa costs Rs 310. Thukpa is called ‘ghyathuk’ in the Tibetan language, so the Tibetan-style gyathuk is found here. In other places, chunks of meat are used in thukpa, but here minced meat is used. Chicken bone and beef bone soup are prepared before noodles and some special ingredients are added for the taste.

2. Solu Sherpa Khaja Ghar, Patan

There are five types of dishes available at Solu Sherpa Khaja Ghar for fans of thukpa in Kathmandu—chicken, buffalo, veg, egg and mixed. As the soup has a special taste, the thukpa here is very much preferred by the customers. When making soup, meat bones are boiled so that the flavour of bone marrow too infuses into the soup and special spices are used too.

At Solu Sherpa, buffalo thukpa costs Rs 150 whereas you need to pay Rs 120 for veg thukpa, Rs 130 for egg thukpa and Rs 170 for chicken thukpa. Homemade noodles and spices are used here, and perhaps because of that, customers say that thukpa here is tastier than in other places.

3. The Best Kathmandu Kitchen, Thamel


The Best Kathmandu Kitchen in Thamel is the place of choice for thukpa connoisseurs. Buffalo, chicken, veg and mixed thukpa are available here. The noodles are brought directly from the factory so the noodles here are fresh for the lovers of thukpa in Kathmandu.

Besides the noodles being fresh, the soup is also full of special flavour as Tibetan spices are used in it. At The Best Kathmandu Kitchen, chicken thukpa costs Rs 210, veg thukpa Rs 150, buffalo thukpa Rs 210 and mixed Rs 260.

4. Yangling Tibetan Restaurant, Thamel

Yangling Tibetan Restaurant is a must-visit place to eat hot thukpa in winter. This restaurant in Thamel offers chicken, buffalo, pork, veg and mixed thukpa.

The speciality of thukpa in Kathmandu as well as here is Tibetan-style soup. Readymade noodles are also used in the soup. Here, buffalo thukpa costs Rs 230, chicken thukpa Rs 250, pork thukpa Rs 250, veg thukpa Rs 110 and mixed thukpa Rs 270.

5. Gyan Dai’s Khaja Ghar, Balaju

Gyan Dai’s Khaja Ghar at Balaju Baisdhara is also one of the popular destinations for thukpa in Kathmandu. Here, one can get tasty thukpa at an affordable price. Buffalo, chicken and veg thukpas are available here. Pork thukpa is also prepared if ordered.

Here, buffalo thukpa costs Rs 120, chicken thukpa costs Rs 160 and veg thukpa costs Rs 110.

6. Mechung Restaurant & Bar, Bouddha

Dry Buff Thukpa

Mechung Restaurant & Bar, Bouddha, which has been selling thukpa since 30 years ago is the restaurant chosen by customers for flavorful veg, buffalo, chicken and mixed thukpas.

Earlier, only buffalo thukpa was served here. But later, as the demand of the customers increased, it also started making veg and chicken thukpas. At Mechung, buffalo thukpa costs Rs 230, mixed Rs 260, chicken Rs 230 and veg Rs 210.

The speciality of thukpa here is that all the ingredients used in thukpa are homemade. All the spices used in noodles and thukpa soup are prepared by the restaurant itself.

This story was translated from the original Nepali version and edited for clarity and length.

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