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The Edge Band
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Formed in 1998, The Edge Band has gained popularity for their heartfelt romantic and melancholic songs. Originating in Pokhara, the band has come a long way and left a significant impact on the music scene and is one of the most iconic bands in the country.

The influence of The Edge Band is evident in pubs and bars across the country, where people enthusiastically sing along with cover bands performing their songs.

Their songs are just relatable as both people in love and those experiencing heartbreaks can feel what the band is trying to tell through their songs. Even though the band has been active for two and half decades, they still do shows and tours to the delight of their fans. On June 1, the band even released their new single Yo Sath.

To remember the band’s journey and celebrate their accomplishments, Onlinekhabar has curated a selection of eight incredible songs by The Edge Band. These songs serve as a nostalgic reminder of their musical evolution and how far they have come. Listen and enjoy.


Nachaheko is the most successful song of The Edge Band. After a 12-year hiatus, the band finally unveiled the highly anticipated official music video for this iconic track in July 2022.  

The music video features a tragic story of a couple who go through a breakup. Anyone who has endured a painful separation can undoubtedly find solace and connection with the song’s lyrics and visuals. Nachaheko has the power to evoke tears and stir deep emotions.

Samjhine mutu  

The intro of this song is so melodic that it can easily captivate listeners’ attention. One of the most popular songs of The Edge Band, Samjhine Mutu is a part of the album Mero Prayas,  which was released in 2010. 

This tragic song is about a desire and struggles to erase the memory of someone who was once deeply loved. 

Thaha Chaina  

Thaha Chaina is The Edge Band’s breakthrough song. Released in 2006, the song is a part of the band’s second album Vibes. The lyrics of Thaha Chaina beautifully portray the singer’s overwhelming desire for unity and closeness with their beloved.

Thaha Chaina stands as a testament to the band’s ability to capture raw emotions and deliver them through their poignant melodies, solidifying their place in the hearts of their listeners.

Timro Yaad

Timro Yaad is a sentimental song by The Edge Band from the album Gantabya, which was released in 2017. Its lyrics portray the depth of tragedy that can be found within someone’s memories.   

The music video for the song was released in 2016. Directed by Suraya Gurung and shot by Milan Thapa, the music video of the song features beautiful landscapes of the Himalayas. So far, the music video has already crossed 11 million views on Youtube.

Mero Aasu  

Mero Aasu is another popular song of The Edge Band, from the album Mero Prayas. The song tells how someone’s anguish and tears can be someone’s laughter. The sad song encapsulates feelings of disillusionment and portrays the challenges one may face in trusting love.


Kasari is a romantic rock song by the band released in 2012. Through its heartfelt lyrics, the singer expresses a deep longing to protect their loved ones from others. The song resonates with a passionate desire to create a sanctuary of privacy and intimacy for their loved ones. Fearful of losing his beloved, the singer expresses a deep-seated concern that someone may come and whisk them away, severing the bond they share. 

Nachodnu Yo Saath  

Nachodnu Yo Saath is another love song by The Edge Band. In this song, the singer is expressing the amount of love he holds for his beloved. He also asks his beloved to always remain with him in whatever condition. 

Yo Saath

Yo Saath released on June 1, stands as the latest offering from The Edge Band. Distinguished from their previous repertoire, this song boasts a distinct sound characterised by powerful and robust guitar riffs. 

Through this song, the band has showcased their versatility and ability to explore new musical territories.

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