10 best songs by Bartika Eam Rai you must have on your playlist

Bartika Eam Rai
Bartika Eam Rai

Bartika Eam Rai is one of the few singers/songwriters in the Nepali music scene who have been frequently releasing their songs.

New York-based Nepali artist Rai debuted with her song Khai two years ago and is known for her emotional, heart-touching and soulful music. Moreover, she is a trendsetter whereas most Nepali artists disappear after a couple of songs from the Nepali musical scenario.

Onlinekhabar has picked up the 10 best songs of Rai that you must have on your playlist. 

1. Khai

Khai is Rai’s first song from her debut album, Bimbaakash, released in 2016. The music video of the song directed by Sworup Ranjit is very simple yet unique. Khai sounds like poetry and it has a very simple delivery.  

2. Najeek

Najeek by Bartika Eam Rai is also a part of her first album Bimbaakash. This is most probably one of her greatest hits. Arranged by Diwas Gurung, it is easy on the ears. The song narrates a story of unrequited love.

3. Aashaa (II) 

Aashaa (II) is the sixth single from Bartika Eam Rai’s full-length album, Taral, released in 2018. The song is comparatively different from Rai’s other songs which are usually accompanied by slow beats. Aashaa (II) goes through a faster beat that is generally not heard in Rai’s numbers. 

4. Nidari (Ko Nimti) 

Nidari is also a song from the album, Taral.  Rai says she composed the song inspired by a lullaby. However, the song also sounds like it is written for a lover. With various other instruments, the song also has beautiful bass lines.

5. Ghar 

Ghar, which literally means home, was written by Bartika Eam Rai when she became homesick while living in the USA. The song came out of her feeling of missing home, family and friends. Earlier, the title of the song was, Yaadharu, which means memories. The song is also from the album Taral.

6. Hawaaijahaaj

Hawaaijahaaj represents Rai’s debut album, Bimbaakash. Unlike her most songs, this one creates a joyous vibe. The song has a jolly rhythm and melody.  

7. Holaa

Holaa, a sentimental song, was released in 2018 as part of the album, Taral. The entire song is played only on the piano. The use of only one musical instrument, the piano in the song has made the song more beautiful and meaningful.

8. Timi Ra, Ma

Akin to Holaa, Timi Ra, Ma also features only one musical instrument, the piano, in the entire song.  In this song, the singer asks her lover how much he longed for her in her absence. Likewise, she also makes assumptions about how her lover would be living being far from her. 

9. Samjhana 

Samjhana (Ma) is the third single from Bartika Eam Rai’s EP, Si/Ma- [Na]. The music video of this song is very interesting. It features the compiled clip of different events that feature the general people. The music video has given space to people from different walks. 

The makers of the music video made an open call asking for submissions for this video montage. The clips have been chosen as applicable to the guidelines and space in the video.

10. Umer 

The music video of Umer directed by Barkha Mukhia —Bayomi and Nhooja Tuladhar is very emotional. The protagonist in the music video misses his daughter who is no longer with him. In the music video, he is seen looking at his late daughter’s accessories and being nostalgic.

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