Price list: Best pickup trucks in Nepal for 2023

Pickup trucks. Photo: Onlinekhabar collage
Pickup trucks. Photo: Onlinekhabar collage

Pickup trucks are one of the most used off-road vehicles in Nepal. With the compact build, the necessary storage space and suitability for any terrain without any problem, these monsters are also a well-loved category of cars for entertainment purposes such as camping, offroad activities and long-distance travel.

With cars being popular day by day, pickup trucks are also getting popular in the Nepali market. Today, we list some of the best pickup trucks available in Nepal.

FordNext Gen Ranger
Next Gen Raptor
Rs 21,500,000
Rs 12,490,000
Rs 10,100,000
ToyotaHilux 2.4L (Diesel)
Hilux 2.8L (Petrol)
Rs 10,200,000
Rs 11,850,000
MitsubishiL200Rs 10,200,000
Rs 6,290,000
Rs 4,690,000
Rs 7,690,000
MazdaBT-50Rs 5,500,000

1. Ford

The American company Ford currently provides some of the best pickup trucks in Nepal. The company face all around the world, Ford Next Gen Raptor, is available in Nepal and is also the most expensive pickup truck currently available in Nepal.

The remaining two–Ford Next Gen Ranger and Ford Ranger–are also famous for the power and stylish looks they give. The 2022 version of Next Gen Raptor was one of the most awaited pickups in Nepal. The iconic front bumper with the big logo of Ford and the huge skid plate under the body protects the truck from all conditions in the bumpiest roads of Nepal.

Ford Next Gen Raptor. Photo: Ford Nepal
Ford Next Gen Raptor. Photo: Ford Nepal
Ford Next Gen RaptorStarting from Rs 21,500,000
Ford Next Gen RangerStarting from Rs 12,490,000
Ford RangerStarting from Rs 10,100,000

2. Toyota

The Japanese company Toyota has been selling numerous cars in Nepal. The most successful and loved by the Nepali people and most of them know is Toyota Hilux. It is famous for its durability and reliability in rugged terrain, making it a popular choice for off-road adventures and commercial use. Hilux is available in 4×2 and 4×4 driving mode variants, with different engine options and manual or automatic transmissions. It has a spacious cabin and a sturdy body design, capable of carrying heavy loads and towing trailers.

Hilux is also equipped with various safety features and advanced technologies, making it a versatile and dependable vehicle for Nepali drivers. It is currently available in diesel and petrol variants in Nepal.

Toyota Hilux. Photo: Toyota Nepal
Toyota Hilux. Photo: Toyota Nepal
Toyota Hilux 2.4L (Diesel)Rs 10,200,000
Toyota Hilux 2.8L (Petrol)Rs 11,850,000

3. Mitshubishi L200

Another popular model among the best pickup trucks in Nepal is Mitsubishi L200. Renowned for its adaptability, toughness, and off-road qualities, it offers a spacious interior with comfortable seating, as well as a number of features like power windows, air conditioning, and an infotainment touchscreen. L200 has a very bold look with a chrome grille and sharp LED headlights.

It is a fantastic option for commercial use because of its strong body construction, which enables it to tow trailers and carry heavy loads. Also, it has a number of safety features including airbags, ABS, and traction control to give Nepali drivers a reliable and safe driving experience.

Mitsubishi L200. Photo: Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi L200. Photo: Mitsubishi

The price of Mitsubishi L200 in Nepal is Rs 10,200,000.

4. Isuzu

Isuzu, the Japanese motor company, is getting popular for its performance delivery in a good price range. The pickup trucks offered by Isuzu are getting popular for their cheapness whereas the quality is similar to Toyota Hilux. Isuzu D-Max V-Cross is a popular choice for those who need a vehicle that can handle both work and leisure activities. V-Cross comes with a 2.5-litre diesel engine that produces 134 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque. It is equipped with a range of features such as four-wheel drive, air conditioning, power steering, and a touchscreen infotainment system.

V-Cross also has a spacious cabin with comfortable seats, making it a great choice for longer trips. Its off-road capabilities are a highlight, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy off-road adventures.

The other two options available in Nepal–Isuzu Hi-Lander and Isuzu S-cab–are also popular and cheaper than V-cross.

Isuzu V-cross. Photo: Times motors
Isuzu V-cross. Photo: Times motors
Isuzu Hi-LanderRs 6,290,000
Isuzu S-cabRs 4,690,000
Isuzu V-crossRs 76,90,000

5. Mazda BT-50

Mazda BT-50 is another loved pickup truck in Nepal. The truck comes with the iconic Mazda look, which is a popular choice in Nepal for those who need a reliable and capable pickup truck that can handle both work and leisure activities. It is commonly used for commercial purposes such as cargo transport and delivery, as well as for personal use such as camping and off-road adventures.

Mazda BT-50 has a 3.2-litre engine, which is particularly popular for its strong towing capacity and off-road capabilities. The pickup truck can be seen in many rural areas where things and support are necessary with no proper roads.

It is equipped with a range of features such as air conditioning, power steering and power windows. BT-50 has a spacious cabin with comfortable seats and is capable of handling tough terrain and heavy loads, making it a popular choice for commercial and personal use.

Mazda BT-50. Photo: Mazda
Mazda BT-50. Photo: Mazda

The price of Mazda BT-50 in Nepal is Rs 5,500,000

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