These are goods you can bring home from abroad without paying tax at Kathmandu airport

Kathmandu, January 9

The Department of Customs is tightening rules about what goods can be brought to Nepal from other countries without any taxes.

Chuda Raj Sapkota, head of the Customs Office at the Tribhuvan International Airport, says people should look at the customs guidelines before bringing any items to Nepal via the country’s sole international airport.

He shares that the items which are brought without following custom guidelines will be seized.

The government has also imposed customs tax on various items being brought from abroad.

The Dpartment has recently published a new list of items that will be taxed and those which will be exempted (see the infograph above).

The Department has been seizing items which do not meet their regulation.

“Everyone wants to bring various things from abroad. If the people bring items which do not violate our guidelines, they will have no problem,” says Sapkota.

Published on January 9th, Wednesday, 2019 3:32 PM

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  • Sudin Bhatta says: | March 14 2019 9:13pm

    sahi ho 😀


  • Pritam bhandari says: | March 13 2019 11:21pm

    Only one what is allowed is this a joke or what? Seriously only one watch? I want to ask two questions who made this rule ? and who ever made this, how many watch they own ?


  • Pritam says: | March 13 2019 11:17pm

    Ok you are imposing custom duty on the various item it’s fine but 1 watch is allowed ? Seriously !!!


  • Isha says: | February 08 2019 3:46pm

    Desh ni remittances bata nae badi chalxa n uta bata aafnu ghar pariwar lae laedeko saman ni yesare lootera aafnu ghar ma dinu yehe kaam bahek k he garnu sakdaena nepal sarkar n custom officers haru… yesto chor haru vako desh la k bikash gartheeyo ani…


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