Handmade Burger restaurant review: Visit this place to taste ‘authentic’ burgers in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a city where you get all types of food. But there are a few items that restaurants have not perfected yet. One such food item is the burger. Even though it is available at almost all restaurants, there are only a few that serve good and tasty ones. Handmade Burger Restaurant in Kupondol of Lalitpur is one such place that specialises in burgers.

Opened this July, the restaurant serves a variety of burgers. The restaurant’s name comes from a burger joint in England, where one of the founders of the restaurant worked. As he noticed a lack of burger places in Kathmandu, he brought with him their varied menu and recipe. What’s interesting about the place is that it is in the same compound from where Summit hotel initially started its journey.

The restaurant mostly has outdoor seating, which many restaurants here do not, and is an ideal place to lounge on a sunny day under the trees that surround the place. The restaurant compound also has a BnB which is managed by the restaurant’s parent company, Meraki Nepal.

One of the best things about the place is that most things that the restaurant serves are organic. They prepare the burger patty themselves along with the garnish and the sauces. Handmade Burger has not compromised on the quality, which is why they use trusted products available in Nepal. The burger buns in most places are soggy and crumble down quickly, a reason why this restaurant uses buns from Flat Iron Grill along with their bacon.

A good burger also needs some good herbs and for that, it uses herbs produced by Hope Aquaponics and for cheese,  François Driard‘s Himalayan French Cheese.

After looking the elaborate menu, you can order here some of their specials. The first item can be the Hawaiian chicken burger. The burger has a chicken patty with lettuce, Belkot cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes topped up with a slice of pineapple.

Hawaiian chicken burger

All the items complement each other quite well. The smoky bacon goes well with the flavourful chicken patty along with the Belkot cheese, which has a strong taste and buttery taste. The pineapple on the top is a pleasant surprise which gives the dish an added flavour.

The other for you can be the Mexican buff burger. The buff burger is delicious and quite unique. The buff patty is seasoned well with herbs and is juicy. The burger comes with toppings like Belkot cheese, avocado, jalapeno, tortilla and Mexican salsa. The items go well with one another as it adds a different kick to the burger.

Mexican buff burger

For the final meal, you can choose the cheesy meatballs. The cheese meatballs has buff mince, stuffed mozzarella in the inside and Belkot cheese on the outside. This dish is not only fulfilling, but quite heavy.  The different kinds of cheese adds some zest to the buff mince cooked in marinara sauce.

Cheesy meatballs

The place also serves vegetable burgers which come with three different toppings; and the chicken and buff both with seven different toppings. It is also open for breakfast and has delicious dessert items.

Handmade Burgers does not serve you average burgers. One of the partners who has worked in the UK store is also the chef and carefully overlooks the preparation of every item. He says he wants to serve something different which gives the customers a different experience.

Location: Kupondol (First left on the ally that goes to Summit Hotel)

Timing: 9am – 9.30pm

Phone: 01-5537223

Published on September 24th, Monday, 2018 11:00 AM

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