Victims of wild elephant attacks await compensation in Jhapa

Wild elephant attacks
Wild elephants in eastern Nepal have been wreaking havoc giving rise to human-wildlife conflict.

Baniyani (Jhapa), February 9

Over 300 families, who fell victim to wild elephant attacks in Jhapa district since October 10, 2023, are awaiting compensation from the government.

Throughout the ongoing fiscal year 2023/24, wild elephants have caused widespread destruction to both people and properties in various locations.

The local authority has sought compensation from the concerned ministry for damages estimated to be over Rs 5.8 million, including losses to properties and crops, according to Rishiram Parajuli, Forest Officer at the Division Forest Office in Jhapa.

Forest Officer Parajuli explained that the compensation amount covers various support for the deceased’s family, as well as losses incurred due to the death of cattle and damage to crops.

The process is currently underway to claim compensation for the families of 194 victims, including four individuals who lost their lives in wild elephant attacks.

In addition to the grief of losing a family member or facing losses to crops and properties, the victims and their families are enduring further hardship due to delays in receiving compensation, as reported by the staffers at the Division Forest Office.

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