Govt declares wild boar an agricultural menace and allows killing on private property

wild boar
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Kathmandu, November 24

The government has declared the wild boar as a wildlife species deemed harmful to agriculture.

By issuing a notice in the National Gazette on Thursday, the government has determined that wild boars can be chased, captured, or killed without permission in the event of damage to private farms.

As outlined in the specified conditions by the Ministry of Forests and Environment, if a wild boar causes damage to crops or property in a farmer’s field, it can be captured and/or killed.

In the case of capturing a wild boar, it is mandatory to submit it to the relevant National Park, Wildlife Reserve Office, Hunting Reserve Office, or Conservation Area Office. A notice should be submitted to the ward office.

Concerning the financial aspect, the price of a killed boar must be recorded in revenue documents. If a wild boar dies while being captured, a provision is in place allowing a representative from the ward to either pay a deposit for burial or settle the price based on weight. The amount is then forwarded to the revenue department and utilised within the respective ward.

The government has specified that these actions cannot be undertaken for commercial purposes. It is compulsory to inform the relevant park or office and the ward office of such activities.

Furthermore, details of the killed boars must be submitted to the relevant federal government agencies on a monthly basis. It is crucial to note that, in areas other than private land, wild boars cannot be beaten, killed, or chased.

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