Vino Bistro review: Home of French wine and cheese in Kathmandu

When you walk into Vino Bistro in Kathmandu you feel like you are entering into a  rustic European restaurant thousands of miles away. The ambiance is different from other restaurant found in Kathmandu. The tables made from wine barrels, neat wooden interior, warm lighting, cheese and wine (a lot of wines) is what you see when you enter this quaint paradise located in the alley near Hotel Radisson.

The soft music in the background, along with the polite and friendly staff, complements the decor. It is a place where you can spend an entire day at eating the wide range of cheese and wine on offer.

Owned and run by Antoine Garet, a Frenchman, the bistro is probably one of the best places for wine lovers. But that’s not it. The place is also home to delicious European cuisine. It specialises in meat and cheese platters, along with that, its menu also has a variety of salads, sandwiches, Panini and other main courses.

Cheese Platter

I first tried the cheese platter which consists of one French cheese and two Nepali cheese accompanied by baguette, apricots, and olives. The French tome cheese was mild, soft and is quite different from Nepali cheese. Its mold gives out natural earthy flavours. The gunastar cow cheese from Ilam was smooth and supple, with occasional holes. The flavour was mild with subtle hints of milk and did not taste like DDC cow cheese. The yak cheese from Jiri was salty, mild, with a hint of delicate milky flavour, which is totally different from the tome and the gunastar. This is an ideal dish to go with a glass of Vino Bistro’s house red.

Greek Salad

After the cheesy dish, I tried the Greek salad which was fresh and healthy. The feta cheese and the greens, along with black and green olives, give the dish a pleasant taste. The creamy, salty and tangy taste of the feta cheese goes well with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing which accompanies the salad. It is definitely worth trying if you’re a healthy eater.

Duck breast in red wine sauce

For the main course, I tried the duck breast cooked in red wine sauce. It was simply amazing. The tender duck breast was full of meat and flavour thanks to the red wine sauce which enhances the flavour of the dish and adds depth to it. The meat itself was juicy and full of flavour with a hint of sweetness due to the red wine sauce. The dish was extremely fulfilling and was served with potato wedges, mushroom, and boiled broccoli.

All the bread used in the bistro are homemade, and meat products are imported from the South of France. The place also sells meat products, bakery, and desserts. Customers can also purchase any of the wines which are on display at the bistro.

To sum up, Vino Bistro is a classy eatery for good food and good wine. If you are looking for a restaurant with a European touch in Kathmandu, Vino Bistro is just the place for you.

Address: Blue Note Ground Floor, Lazimpat (alley which goes to Hotel Radisson)

Timing: 10 am to 10 pm

Phone: 01-4435982

Published on March 18th, Monday, 2019 11:30 AM

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