Tomatoes rot as farmers don’t get a fair price

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File: A farmer throws his tomatoes on the ground. Photo: Aryan Dhimal

Kathmandu, December 10

Tomatoes produced by farmers in Chautara Sangachokgadhi in Sindhupalchok are rotting in the farms. There are estimates that around 200 to 300 crates of tomatoes are going to waste every day.

Ward 14 chair Uddhav Nepal said farmers were incurring losses as the tomatoes were not being sold for the mandated price.

“The farmers from the area produced around 1.1 million kilograms but with not all of them selling, many have incurred huge losses,” said Nepali.

According to Nepali, the farmers who were happy to be self-sufficient by selling vegetables and milk were now planning to move away to do something else after their produce not selling in the market.

Resham Bahadur Ale Magar, a farmer, said that last year he sold Rs 370,000 worth of tomatoes. Seeing the potential, he spent almost all of it.

“I have around Rs 600,000 worth, but we are not getting a good price for our produce,” he said adding he has not even made Rs 100,000 this year.

Indra Bahadur Puri sold 300 crates last year and made a profit of Rs 210,000. This year, however, the scenario is different as Puri it yet to make a profit despite selling 500 crates.

This has meant many are looking to give up on farming and leave for foreign employment.

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