National Folk and Duet Song Academy Nepal warns to take action against controversial Teej song creators


Kathmandu, June 27

The National Folk and Duet Song Academy Nepal has urged singers not to release indecent, ambiguous and indigestible Teej songs that disrupt social harmony and culture.

Ramesh BG, the president of the academy, has issued a press release warning that if the institutional request is ignored, the artist will be deprived of general membership and other institutional services.

The academy has urged not to create controversial Teej songs and music videos as there have been complaints against such songs because they disrupt cultural values and norms of the society.  

“This year, too, the academy has its attention towards the issue.” The statement states, “We urge all creators, singers, producers, recording studios, audio-visual producers and distributors not to disrupt social harmony by producing controversial Teej songs and music videos for the sake of social harmony and maintaining cultural values and norms.”

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