Shanker Group bringing Hilton to Kathmandu

Kathmandu, January 5

Hilton Hotels and Resorts, the world’s second largest hotel chain, is operating a five-star hotel in Kathmandu. Nepal’s leading business house, Shanker Group, is bringing the chain to Kathmandu. With this move, the group has entered the tourism industry.

The chain will operate an entry-level five-star hotel named ‘Doubletree Hilton’ close to the Naxal Bhagvati Temple in Kathmandu.


Shanker’s managing director, Shahil Agrawal, said they will forge partnership with Hilton by signing a management contract. “The entire investment will be ours, while management and the brand will be Hilton’s.”

The hotel sprawling in five ropanis will have 15 storeys, 138 rooms and parking space for 120 vehicles and 200 bikes. Agrawal said they plan to develop the facility as a leisure and business hotel. We plan to invest four billion rupees in the project, Agrawal said.

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